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At Granville Urns, our unique, handcrafted wooden urns and memento keepsakes are a wonderful way to honor loved ones.

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Care Instructions

Your Granville Urns memorial is a unique work of art hand-crafted featuring natural materials and has distinguishing wood, color and finish variations. As with any wood product, the surface is subject to a natural aging process and may become slightly darker with time. The lacquered surface is very delicate and can easily be scratched or scuffed. Treat it as you would a glass or mirrored surface to ensure your memorial remains a family heirloom for generations to come.

Follow these instructions to safely care for your memorial:

  • Fingerprints: Use the cloth provided or a soft cloth and apply light pressure in a circular motion to completely clean the surface. Do not use paper towels or any abrasive material.
  • Cleaning: Use a 90% alcohol solution or a glass cleaner and wipe gently with a soft cloth. Do not use oil, acetone, grease, wax or any other commercial household cleaners.
  • Avoid placing your product on coarse or rough surfaces to prevent scratches or scuffs.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, electrical lighting, and heat to prevent damage or permanent discoloration.

In rare cases, individuals may experience an allergic reaction to lacquer. In the event of any adverse reaction, consult a physician immediately.

Opening your Urn

Detach the bottom panel by removing the screws. Place the cremated remains in the plastic bag provided. Use the tie provided to securely close the bag. Place the bag in the urn and reattach the bottom panel and screws.