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Selecting An Urn

Selecting An Urn

1. What size urn do I need?
As a general rule, you need one cubic inch of urn capacity for each pound of the person’s weight. For example, someone weighing 160 pounds would need an urn that has a capacity of approximately 160 cubic inches. Your funeral home will assist you with planning.

2. What type of urn am I looking for?
Granville Urns offers two types of urns to memorialize your loved one: full-size and keepsake. Our full-size horizontal and vertical urns are intended for the cremated remains of one person. Other family members and friends may want a keepsake urn, which holds a small amount of cremated remains, or a memento keepsake, which has an additional compartment to hold a remembrance of or from a loved one, like a ring or small picture.

3. Can cremated remains be shared with family members and friends?
Yes. Many families choose to share a portion of the cremated remains with family members and friends. Granville Urns’ keepsakes hold a small amount of cremated remains and allow family members to have a memorial of their loved one.  

4.  Can I bury a Granville Urn?
We recommend you consult with your funeral home or Service Partner before burying your Granville Urn. Since our products are made with wood, most funeral directors will likely recommend the urn be placed in an urn vault before burial.  Please click here for a list of Service Partners in your area.

5. Can I place a Granville Urn in a Columbarium?
Yes. Since columbariums have different sized niches or compartments, check the size of the space and any other requirements before purchasing your urn. Our Service Partners can help with this. Please click here for a list of Service Partners in your area.